Technical Specification

The RSW Evo is an ‘ultimate?GT car for use as a track car but also feasible for the road with in excess of 520 bhp available from a small, light V8 2.4.

The RS Performance supercharged V8 or V6 is mounted longitudinally mated to a Sadev 6 speed sequential racing transaxle gearbox with limited slip diff taking the 380lb ft torque giving ideal handling balance for racing or road use. Twinned with a Pectel full data logging SQ6 ECU we are able to offer a Pneumatic paddle shift system for instant gear changes ensuring the engine is never over-revved therefore prolonging the engine life.

Control of roll center, camber change and bump steer are all carefully calculated and measured during production.

The car offers a substantial weight saving over standard car giving an even greater power
to weight ratio and has both launch and traction control to ensure power transference.
Front suspension

Lightweight double wishbones are designed to give perfect handling in either race or road
format with an option to set higher ground clearance if required.
Koni dampers are specified from previous test data optimise handling and roadholding.
An adjustable, hollow front anti roll bar is fitted to give desired balance at minimum weight.
Rear suspension

The wide track rear suspension is designed to cope with the high power output, increasing traction.
Long double wishbones are both light and stiff and carry Koni dampers with valving
optimised for the best possible handling.

Again the option of using a higher ground clearance if required.

An adjustable, hollow rear anti roll bar is fitted to give desired balance with minimum weight.

The chassis is a light, stiff combination of aluminum and steel structures designed by experts drawing on a long history of designing a wide range of race cars to result in good driver- friendly handling.


Wheelbase: 2530 mm (extended from standard by 230mm)
Overall width:? 1886 mm
Front track: 1444 mm
Rear track: 1570 mm

Options include:

Paddle shift
Full Carbon Body
Air Jacks
Inboard Brake adjustment
Ohlins or Nitron Suspension
Full roll cage to FIA specification
ATL FIA approved bag fuel tank

Every car is built individually for the owner and may be tailored to each customers needs whether to add a full carbon body to the compliment the carbon Door trims / Tunnel and Instrument binnacle, to have the car in with their own branding / paint scheme, customized trim and cover.